Gazprom International

About The Client

Gazprom International is a 100% subsidiary of PJSC Gazprom- the largest gas company in the world with around 400,000 employees across the globe. The company’s primary responsibility lies in prospecting, exploration and production of hydrocarbons outside Russia. The client participates in 40+ projects of various scales in almost 20 countries across 4 continents including the regions – Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Algeria, Libya, Vietnam, Nigeria, Bolivia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Argentina, Dominic Republic, the Netherlands, Germany, the North Sea, India and Bangladesh.

The Client Requirement

The client intended to build an intranet portal for uniform information access across the enterprise, primarily targeting the employees on frequent business trips across the globe as its initial target audience. The solution was designed to facilitate the employees to share their business trip experience about hotels, pictures, personal experiences, suggestions and recommendations and other specifics relevant to the country traveled. It would assist other employees who may travel to the same country in the future. The organization planned to build an internal knowledge-base from these briefings which can be a helpful and reliable source for its employees as compared to the potentially inaccurate information available on the internet.


The WaferWire team designed and developed the solution for the client in line with the stringent and sometimes, technically challenging expectations of the design consultant hired by the client. The solution was developed and implemented in the time-window of 2 years with a milestone-based delivery strategy.

The WaferWire team built a SharePoint intranet platform with a completely customized multi-lingual user interface. The solution facilitated sharing business trip experiences and easy access to the frequently used forms and templates. Additionally, the solution offered floor-plan functionality that helped an employee or office administrator to define an employee’s desk on the floor plan. It served as a self-help tool for its staff visiting a new office for a short duration to locate a specific employee in its globally spread, large-sized, multi-storeyed offices.

WaferWire offered the solution with a milestone-based approach for all the requirements by submitting proof-of-concept before building an actual solution. It helped the client and design consultant share innovative ideas without worrying about their feasibility. Additionally, it helped the design and development team in understanding the exact expectations and potential resolution for specific UX/UI components for the unique requirements. It also facilitated the client in rolling out features gradually.

The team also faced challenges in terms of user feedback for modification requests in the features after their development, however, it could effectively keep it in check by following an efficient change process request.

The implemented /customized features include –


  • Highly customized solution exactly in line with customer requirement
  • Time savings with enhanced productivity with the milestones-based solution and proof-of-concept strategy
  • High customer satisfaction with managing and exceeding customer expectation using proof-of-concept solution methodology


Microsoft SharePoint 2013 On-premise