Collaboration solutions increase communication and simplify the exchange of critical information while keeping your business and data secure.

Why your business needs a Collaboration solution

Collaboration has evolved into something entirely different from 20 years ago which is why collaboration solutions are crucial. More companies are transitioning to remote-ready, digital work environments – whether that be out of necessity due to the pandemic, or wanting to meet the demands of top applicants, or are expanding their locations worldwide and need to have succinct ways for employees to connect virtually.

Our Collaboration experts make this transformation seamless for our clients. We leverage Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint, Microsoft 365, OneDrive, and Teams to ensure that businesses not only have the best technology in place but that the technology is customized properly to work for them, meeting their specific business goals and requirements.

Collaboration Solutions

Whether you need help figuring out which technology is right for your business, extracting the most value out of tools you have already incorporated, or increasing user adoption across your teams, our Collaboration Solutions team can help. With a variety of collaboration service offerings, we can help you enhance your business and ensure your software and technology are customized to fit your unique business needs.


Whether you are thinking of investing in SharePoint or already have it, our consultants have the expertise to help you attain your goals. From developing a migration and adoption strategy, to integrating SharePoint as your primary document management system, to applying governance and compliance, our services encompass it all.

Intranet Development

Our collaboration delivery team helps clients with Intranet strategy, design, and development. From updating legacy intranets to improve communication within your organization to building new extranets to engage your stakeholders, customers, or clients, we are ready to help you increase user adoption, boost communication, and increase accessibility.

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is a critical business application that provides organizations a consistent document storage and sharing system. With OneDrive for Business, teams can easily collaborate and streamline their work anytime, access to files anywhere, collaborative editing, and document sharing features. Migrations can be complex and can cause disruptions that threaten profit when done unsuccessfully. With hundreds of successful migration projects completed, we guarantee a smooth migration while keeping you and your teams on track to grow your business.

Power Apps

Our collaboration development team is adept at leveraging the Microsoft Power apps and Power Automate to develop robust automated and digitized versions of your critical business processes. Whether you need to create a simple PTO request form that needs approval from HR, or a complex form for creating a new role in your company that requires multiple department heads to provide input, we can help. We can help streamline your business workflows, eliminate a cumbersome physical paper trail, and remove the hassle of maintaining a complex approval system.

Microsoft Teams

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our expertise across Microsoft Teams runs deep. We help our clients extract long-term value from Teams, customizing the tool to meet their unique goals, needs, and requirements. From ensuring a successful rollout of Teams, to migrating documents and data, to ensuring security, our collaboration consultants are ready to help.

Records Management

Our compliance experts work with records officers to ensure compliance to regulations companies must adhere with. Proper retention of your records is a must to minimize risks especially with litigation. We will help define the regulations and create a solution the is automated, robust, and compliant.

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