Microsoft 365

With its variety of services and applications, Microsoft 365 is equipped to offer everyone the perfect digital workspace. We help organizations create an individual Microsoft 365 collaborative toolset based on their business and collaboration requirements.

Office Apps - Presentations - Communication - File Storage

Enterprise - Team Collaboration - Emailing - Calendaring - Task - Project Management

Business Application Platform - Applications for small business

Why use Microsoft 365 for your Business?

Microsoft 365 offers your business the required flexibility, security and the latest technology with cost savings.

99.9% financially backed SLA uptime

No single point of failure and reduced connectivity issues

Enterprise-class security

Built-in compliance

Lower total cost of ownership via manage and maintenance costs


No additional upgrade costs

Enterprise leadership

Familiar user experience

Flexibility to have a cloud and server option

Get more from your IT

Simplify information exchange

Improved mobility

Ease of process automation

Enhanced office productivity

With our years of expertise and skilled team of consultants, we serve as the one-stop-shop for our clients for any and every offering related to Microsoft 365.

Adopt the most widely used Cloud service

Revolutionize your business with WaferWire's extensive Microsoft 365 services. Today, 1 in 5 corporate employees use Microsoft 365 cloud service. With our proven experience and expertise in providing Microsoft 365 services, we help you make a smooth transition to your cloud journey. We help you implement a business-aligned cloud adoption strategy with Microsoft 365 – an integrated toolkit of SaaS components.

Devise a Business-aligned Cloud Adoption strategy

Every effective cloud adoption is translated into cost-cutting efficiency and value-creating productivity. WaferWire partners with you in your cloud transformation journey to successfully and seamlessly embed and integrate your IT environment with the cloud.

Partners in your Cloud journey

With over 9 years of partnership, WaferWire and Microsoft jointly help your business shift to cloud to reap the maximum business benefit. With Microsoft's innovative technology combined with our extensive consulting experience, we have supported our clients with successful and hassle-free cloud-transition.

Our Microsoft 365 services include

  • Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Customization
  • Migration
  • Integration
  • Support

Our Consulting Services Offerings

The WaferWire factor

WaferWire helps you throughout your enterprise cloud adoption journey to ensure secure, seamless, on-time and within-budget cloud collaboration with

  • Comprehensive Microsoft 365 consulting services
  • The pool of Microsoft 365 consultants spanning the entire Microsoft 365 technology stack
  • All Microsoft 365 related services available under one roof with the same authority and superior quality.

Microsoft 365 Consulting

Throughout your organization's journey to the cloud path, we cover you with our comprehensive Microsoft 365 consulting services. Be it advisory or technical assistance, our Microsoft 365 consultants are skilled to understand your specific business requirement and will offer you the finest cloud solution to make it an integral part of the enterprise software ecosystem. With our rich experience and expertise in the domain, our Microsoft 365 consultants provide everything including license identification and Microsoft 365 implementation to enterprise-specific customization and integration. With our wealth of niche and experience in Microsoft 365 related offerings, we will ensure that your cloud-based Microsoft 365 solution will result in significant employee productivity improvement.

Microsoft 365 Implementation

Transform businesses by cutting costs and earning a quick return on investment. Select the best Microsoft 365 subscription that suits your business requirements, budget, IT strategy and collaboration scope. Our Microsoft 365 implementation consultants will implement the selected O365 suite and set your cloud solution while ensuring efficient management and use. Our streamlined delivery methods facilitate the continuous management of Microsoft 365 solutions.

Why you should avail Microsoft 365 implementation services?

  • Efficient management of Microsoft 365 solutions
  • User training and support for seamless Microsoft 365 adoption
  • Accessibility of comprehensive support for planning, evaluation, implementation and management of Microsoft 365 cloud or on-premise deployment.
  • Successful adoption of O365 services.

Our Microsoft 365 implementation services include

Microsoft 365 Customization

Customize Microsoft 365 to suit your industry, corporate environment and employee' preferences. Whether to include complex workflows or other unique custom features, our Microsoft 365 Customization Services can help you personalize your Microsoft 365 suite to your organization's branding.

  • Complex workflows
  • Branded site templates
  • Ready-to-use custom add-ins
  • Interactive chatbots

Our Migration Services Offerings

Whether you want to migrate your on-premises, cloud or hybrid implementations to Microsoft 365, we are there to help. WaferWire's Microsoft 365 migration specialists will plan and ensure smooth migration while preserving your business data integrity.

Achieve more with our extensive O365 Migration approach –

Through the organizational demands and the nature of migration, integration and subsequent MS technologies – WaferWire has developed a keen perception when it comes to offering the maximum flexibility with confidence and reliability.

Microsoft 365 Integration

Ensure transparency and enterprise-wide collaboration with our Microsoft 365 Integration services. We facilitate user's journey across different systems by taking care of hassle-free Microsoft 365 integration with custom and platform-based, on-premises as well as cloud environments.

Our Microsoft 365 integration services smoothen the transition between different environments and systems including

Microsoft 365 Support

Get more from your Organization's Microsoft 365 Suite. Our flexible Microsoft 365 Support Services will help you stay current with the platform updates, extend your enterprise solution with custom functionalities, enable the latest O365 features and protect your enterprise cloud from any business disruption, facilitating continuous availability, security, efficiency and productivity.

Dedicated resources | Short response times | Comprehensive coverage | Extended Support hours | Extension of your team


Microsoft 365 is a combination of traditional Microsoft Office desktop suite and cloud-based collaboration and communication services. It facilitates accessibility across all devices anytime and from anywhere.

We offer Microsoft 365 consulting, implementation, customization, migration and integration. Thus, we can be your one-stop-shop for all your requirements related to Microsoft 365. Our partnership with Microsoft and our experience in delivering Microsoft 365 solutions speaks for our expertise. We believe that every business has unique requirements and needs a one-of-a-kind solution and we are the right partner for your organization's digital transformation journey.

Certainly, WaferWire can help you set up Microsoft 365 trial. Contact us with your requirement and we will be happy to help.

If you wish to avail more features, we offer you to change your plan hassle-free with a single click. You can just select the plan you wish and you are all set.

We offer custom solutions for Microsoft 365, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2019, SharePoint Online, Azure and SQL Server. We also provide migration between SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online.

WaferWire can take care of the entire Microsoft stack along with client-side third-party tools and technologies. It is solely your decision and scope that you plan to target. Some of the few technologies we focus to offer you the right solution are Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, Power BI, SharePoint Framework, SQL Server, Planner, InfoPath, PowerShell, Stream, jQuery and more. We can also take care of third party tools integration including Ninetex.

Based on your business requirements, we can build either individual components or even the entire line of business applications.

We have come across situations where the original source code is lost due to some reason. If you don't have the original source code, no worries. Often, our team can reverse engineer it. Additionally, we provide services for rebuilding existing web applications with modern technologies.