Talent at your fingertips

Finding the right person is a challenge. The talent and expertise within the current workforce are better than ever and it takes more than a great company to attract them. We can help. Our team of recruiters are experts in screening, evaluating, interviewing and persuading top talent for your needs.

Recruiting That Delivers Results

WaferWire’s staffing specialists analyze your current business needs and goals to develop an effective recruiting strategy to help secure the talent your organization requires. As experts in staff augmentation, we understand that it takes more than talent to be successful in a placement. There are several factors to consider such as chemistry, company culture, loyalty, and dedication.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, it is important to create a culture that is conducive to success. Our proven process of helping organizations such as Microsoft, Nintendo, and Nvidia gives us a unique understanding of how complex the recruiting process is and that it takes persuasion, emotion, and trust to build relations with highly desired candidates.

We specialize in locating top talent by building a pool of desirable roles such as project managers, technology engineers, marketing specialists, and developers for various platforms. This talent pool allows us to find qualified candidates quicker and efficiently.

Placement that works

COVID-19’s impact in the business landscape not only impacted businesses financially but with their employee retention as well. So many top talents were looking for new opportunities that not only suited their expertise but their preference in their work environments. Gone are the days when candidates look for employment close to home, they are now open to the idea of working in other states or remotely, expanding the reach when looking for great talent.

Our recruiting team utilizes the top recruiting platforms as well as our talent pools to secure the candidates and methodically match their skills with your job requirements.

There are countless recruiting agencies hitting the market by the minute, businesses must evaluate their partnerships to ensure that the agency representing them has their business in mind. We strive to represent our clientele to top talent who are properly vetted, qualified and meets their employment needs.

Our staffing services offers multiple options to engage:

  • Permanent Placement
  • Temporary Placement
  • Project Based Placement
  • Contract Placement